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in javascript, color, art, and algorithms
Moore curve and depth-first-search

AllRGB is a really cool challenge: make an image that contains each of the 16777216 RGB colors exactly once.

I wrote a HTML canvas-based visualization of an AllRGB image being created. It uses several space-filling curves in 2D and 3D.

I made a demo of this at /projects/allrgb and the source is on GitHub.

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Is a color dark?

in javascript and color

Color models

If someone knows only one color model, it's probably RGB. It's a great color space for computers to represent colors, but not intuitive or useful for humans. It's especially not useful when objectively determining whether a color is dark or light.

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Kruskal's maze generation

in javascript, visualization, and algorithm


Chances are, you've once wanted to make a progam for generating or solving mazes. There are dozens of maze algorithms. In my opinion, Kruskal's algorithm is the simplest for generating mazes.
I made a demo of this at /projects/kruskal.

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