Screenshot of a CEV-1 game in progress.


Tile based resource management game set on Mars. Group project for a games capstone class.

Screenshots of the Paint In! website

Paint In!

A creative, collaborative painting game that tests your artistic abilities in a race against time. Won Dubhacks 2020.

Screenshot of Hue Tab extension

Hue Tab

Chrome extension offering a customizable HSL color picker on every new tab page.

Screenshot of a keyboard walking visualization.

Semantic Passwords

Highly interactive article that visualizes semantic patterns in leaked passwords, like dates, names, and keyboard walking.

Screenshot of the Discord bot

Discord SpartaBot

Friendly bot for the Skyline Spartabots' Discord server to help with team-specific issues.

Screenshot of Practice Bowl application

Practice Bowl

Electron desktop app and server for managing a practice National Science Bowl round.

Screenshot of sign in system

Sign in

Real-time online sign-in system using Firebase. Also integrated with Discord webhooks.

Screenshots of ScoutBot app


Android scouting app for the 2016 FRC competition made with Apache Cordova.

Screenshots of the SavvyTrader website


Gamification of stock trading. Users can make free stock predictions to gain leaderboard points. Hackathon project.

Screenshots of the Pollodium website


Gamified learning platform like Kahoot with drawn responses and voting. Hackathon project.

Screenshot of the maze visualization

Kruskal Visualization

Colorful visualization of Kruskal's maze generation algorithm with adjustable parameters.

Screenshot of the AllRGB visualization partially completed

AllRGB Animation

Animated construction visualization of an AllRGB image with adjustable traversal methods.

Screenshot of two colorful gooey blobs

Gooey Blob Animation

Interactive and customizable gooey blobs built with WebGL shaders.

Demo screenshot of Mouse.js


Tiny (1KB) JavaScript library that allows you to track a cursor position and clicks on an element. The first repo I ever made!

Demo screenshot of StickFigure.js


JavaScript library for creating stick figures and drawing them on <canvas>.